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Our Process

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Wondering what it's like to work with us? Here's a quick overview of our workflow. If you have questions about any stage of the process, please reach out!

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Project Discovery

We’ll connect for a 15-30 minute phone consultation to learn more about your current situation, what you’re looking to accomplish through the project you’re considering, and what is important to you in a build or design + build partner. 

We’ll also share a bit more about our team, our process, and how we work.

If it makes sense to continue the conversation, we’ll schedule a complimentary in-person consultation to discuss your renovation or build project in depth.


In-Person Consultation

The purpose of the in-person consultation is to work together paint a clear picture of all of the details of your project. Together we’ll review the existing conditions of your home or your lot. If possible we’ll collect basic site measurements, photos, videos and perform a feasibility analysis to take note of any important details that will need to be addressed to ensure a successful project.


We’ll also discuss your functional needs & design preferences so we can piecing together an outline of your project.

Following this consult, we’ll present you with an informed probable cost estimate range, an outline of the project scope, and a pre-construction or design agreement as the next step if it makes sense to partner on developing the details of your project.

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Design + Plan

The Plan + Design phase is our paid process to systematically explore your space’s potential and craft the scope of work and budget for your project. The benefit of working with us as a design + build partner or engaging us during pre-construction as your build partner is that we can value-engineer your project along the entire design process so you can maximize your desired outcome with the level of investment you have for the project.


First we’ll lay out the high-level concept for your project, then we’ll draft construction plans, and finally we’ll go through all of the interior design & selections for your project. We’ll provide mood boards, construction plans, elevations, and 3D renderings to fully envision your new space. Design is iterative and a critical phase of the project. We spend a lot of time collaborating with you and our network of trusted partners. Once we have compiled all the details with you, our trade partners and vendors we will provide you with an accurate budget and construction services agreement for your project.


Build Execution

With a final set of plans, all materials selected and a Construction Services Agreement executed, it’s now time to obtain permits and break out the tools!

Access the Client Portal for real-time updates and regular communication with your project manager to stay in the loop during the entire process.

Once the build process is completed, we’ll conduct a final walk-through ensuring you are thrilled with the finished product and ensuring we have completed all punch list items to satisfaction so you can promptly begin enjoying your new home.

Rest easy in your new home knowing you're backed by the Mode Warranty & Guarantee.

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