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Boise Shower Renovation

Idaho's Top Choice for Luxury Tub to Shower Conversions

Swap out your dated shower or bathtub for a new luxury walk-in shower at an agreeable price with Swanstone slabs.

Starting at $10,900

About Our Slabs

The ultimate solution for aging in place or updating your growing kids bathroom in Boise.

Our slabs consist of an innovative blend of ground natural stone and resin & are formed formed under extreme heat and pressure. This innovative process creates a high performance, non-porous material that is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and Carbon Neutral. Your slab has extreme resistance to stains, impact, chemicals, high temperatures from hot objects, and remains unaffected by UV rays. Its non-porous composition will give you peace of mind, as it is hygenic and easy to maintain.

Boise has plenty of solutions for basic to low-end shower remodels. Those solutions are made of plastic and acrylic materials that are typically low-quality and don't meet your design wish. Our collection is designed for luxury shower applications, allowing you to get a high-end solution for an agreeable price.


Starting at $10,900

Luxury Wall Slab Panels

Shower Door

New modern shower pan

Plumbing fixtures

City permits as needed


Demoliton of wet space


Endless design possibilities

swan - arctic granite.webp
swanstone - carrara.webp
swan - charcoal gray.jpeg
swan - tahiti desert.webp
swan - midnight sparkle.webp
swan - crystal white.webp
swan - gray glass.webp
swan - golden steppe.webp

And many more options . . .

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